"Skin science that erases, fills, and maintains"

Skin Solution

SKIN SOLUTION (wrinkle improvement and lifting function) 

It cleans and moisturizes the unstable skin, and gives an immediate lifting effect.

Main ingredients: Wild ginseng, red ginseng, and Ganoderma Lucidum (Mushroom), allantoin, silk extract, aloe vera extract, green tea extract, shiitake mushroom extract.

Prime Essence

PRIME ESSENCE (wrinkle improvement and whitening function) 

This is a functional essence that maintains skin condition for a long time by providing skin elasticity and constancy and helps skin whitening with albutin.

Main ingredients: Oak extract, aloe vera extract, green tea extract, Machihyun extract, albutin2%, allantoin.


NUTRI-D CREAM (wrinkle improvement and skin elasticity) 

 It gives skin elasticity and nourishes skin with collagen, which makes skin tone clear and bright.

Main ingredient: kelp and Centella Asiatica leaf extract, collagen, allantoin, albutin2%, silk extract, honey, aloe vera extract, green tea extract.

"Gift from nature, born of natural plant material”